I was already a routine patient. One day I woke up with an extremely red eye, with a throbbing pain. Frightened, I went to Oftalconde with no medical appointment checked, hopping to be checked by a doctor, at any time. The assistants were extremely delicate and when they saw my situation, they volunteered to find a way for me to be treated. Every 15 minutes, they would put drops to relieve the discomfort I felt. I was treated and medicated by Dr. Conde. I had to stop wearing contact lenses, because they made the situation worse. I've been periodically followed for viral control and I intend to do surgery with them, as soon as possible, because they transmit confidence, quality and professionalism.

Miguel Garrido Dentist - Porto

I was extremely pleased with the empathy, kindness and professionalism of all employees and doctors. I also have to point out the cleanliness and hygiene of all the rooms and the whole clinic. Although I don't have informed knowledge, it seemed to me, all the equipments used for diagnosis and treatment were top notch and very recent.

Pedro Cálem Manager - Porto

The service provided by the technicians, administrative professionals and doctors, is of excellent quality. Humanity and understanding are the hallmarks. The patient receives physical and psychological care.

Thank you.

Teacher - Seixas

Well I say, and I always will.; It was worth it, I trusted!; I see and I'm happy!; By the greatness of his knowledge,; Dr. Conde, blessed hands,; Throughout life, give sight; To those who need to see!

I had so much to say; But there are no words; My deepest thank you!; My happy heart,; No more thank you.; Dr.,; A thousand years of life for you,; To take care of everyone; Those who need to "see"!; Dr.,; Your hands are of gold,; May you continue to heal; I think, and I say, you're a "Treasure"!

Maria da Conceição Janeiro - Cascais

I met the clinic through a friend. I could see that it's an organized clinic, with excellent facilities and great professionals in diverse areas. I recommend.

André Pereira Banking Manager - Porto

I have Diabetes Type I and I was a mother last year. For this reason, I have to be accompanied by an ophthalmologist every 6 months. Despite being followed at Hospital de São João, I didn't want to stop listening to the opinion of one of the best specialists in ophthalmology. In fact there is a difference between Public and Private Service. I was very satisfied.

Ana Maria Carneiro Sculptor - Porto

I visit the ophthalmologist regularly. This year I switched to Oftalconde, having heard several references of its clinical staff. I was very impressed with the modern space and excellent medical care. It's in times of crisis, that the best companies stand out, for the quality of their services.

Mafalda Guedes Brand Manager -