"Oftalconde Clinic results from the expansion of my doctor's office, with 35 years of existence. The current Clinic, designed thinking in the patients comfort and convenience, benefits from modern facilities, wheelchair accessibilities and a public car park."

Eduardo Conde Clinical Director

"Responding to all diagnosis and treatment requirements of the ophthalmologic pathology, seeking to deserve trust and enhancing customer preference and loyalty.

We are ethically responsible and rigorous in all our actions, always demanding more and better of ourselves, being oriented to guarantee the security and comfort of our patients, keeping them informed and giving them possibility and freedom of choice.

We foster the spirit of alertness, looking at each obstacle as an opportunity for improvement, being persistent in searching for the best solution. We want to be at the forefront, alongside Europe and the World, in all our processes."

To deserve and reinforce the preference, loyalty and trust of our clients, responding to all ophthalmologic pathology diagnostic requirements , through constant investment in cutting-edge technology and the work of excellent and highly motivated team of professionals.
To be a national reference in Ophthalmology, for the quality of the services provided, through professionals recognition and the use of the latest technology.
Customer Orientation Ensure the safety and comfort of our customers. Keep them informed and give them the possibility and freedom of choice.
High Sense of Ethics, Accuracy, Requirement and Responsibility We are accurate in all our actions, we demand more and the best of ourselves. We are ethically responsible above any economic interest.
Innovation We foster a spirit of alertness by looking at each obstacle as an opportunity for improvement, and we're persistent in seeking the best solution for each new opportunity. We want to be on the Front Line in all our processes, alongside Europe and the World.
Team spirit We privilege cooperation among all our employees. We believe, that only in this way, we can provide a service of excellence integrated with each client.